5 Tropical Style Bedroom Ideas

The bedroom is the ideal place to escape to the tropics, and to achieve this look you need to decorate it in tropical style. You’ll find all of your necessary pieces for creating this look, such as furniture pieces, decorative accents, and decor items.

Tropical Style Beds

One of the best ways to add a tropical vibe to your bedroom is by investing in a tropical-style bed. Whether you prefer queen or king size, this style will bring all of that tropical energy to the room. Plus, you can complete the look by adding on an optional headboard!

Tropical Bedding Patterns

Looking to add a tropical flair to your bedroom without breaking the bank? Try finding bedding patterns featuring flowers and leaves. This type of bedding requires less fabric, while being easily interchangeable for different themes or colors.

Wall Art Featuring Tropical Life

If your style of decor leans towards traditional, why not add a splash of tropical flair into your bedroom with framed artwork. Print artwork featuring tropical designs or animals are ideal for this purpose and can be hung above a mantel, rested on a nightstand, or displayed above an entryway table for an unexpected twist in decor.

A Fresh Tropical Floral Rug

When designing a bedroom with tropical elements, keep the rest of the decor simple and sophisticated. Use neutral colors like white, off-white, and cream to create an open space that lets the tropical elements take center stage.

You can also incorporate brighter colors to amplify the tropical vibe. For instance, using vibrant red or orange will have a big impact in this tropical-style bedroom, as can adding gold accents.

Gossamer Sheer Curtains Are an Easy Way to Add a Tropical Touch to Your Bedroom

Gossamer sheer curtains are the ideal solution for adding an island vibe to any bedroom. These lightweight drapes will help open up the space while adding light and airiness.

Bamboo Furniture and Accessories Are Essential for Tropical-Style Bedrooms

If you want to achieve the tropical aesthetic in your bedroom, then you will need some furniture pieces that help define it. These may include a canopy bed, dressers, nightstands, rugs, etc..

Wicker is an ideal choice for creating a tropical-style bedroom due to its natural charm. You can find various wicker furniture pieces such as rattan and woven headboards that will bring a touch of paradise into your space.

Tropical Bedroom Essentials

Want the look of palm trees without breaking the bank? Opt for artificial pot plants instead – they’re an economical way to achieve that tropical vibe in your bedroom and come in various sizes and shapes.

Tropical style can be the perfect addition to any space, whether you’re redecorating a guestroom or your own bedroom. Here are some tips for getting started.

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