Garden Ideas That Make You Feel Like You’re in a Tropical Paradise

Garden ideas that transport you to a tropical oasis are the ideal way to add warmth and visual interest to your outdoor area. A tropical-style garden is an excellent option for anyone wanting to transform their backyard into an inviting getaway that can be enjoyed all year round.

No matter the season of year, tropical style gardens can be created no matter the climate. Plants such as palm trees, bamboos, banana plants and ferns will give your yard the look of a jungle without needing extensive watering or upkeep.

If your garden is shaded or lacks sunlight, you can still achieve a tropical garden aesthetic by including plants with vibrant colors in their leaves and flowers. Consider selecting multi-coloured foliage in sunset shades of orange, red and yellow for maximum impact.

Tall palms, bamboos and bananas provide height to a garden, while hostas, begonias and ferns add low ground cover. You can even add texture with epiphytes like orchids, bromeliads or staghorn ferns (Platycerium).

Add some vibrant tropical color and flair to your garden without breaking the bank. All it takes is some carefully chosen pots and accessories in vibrant hues or patterns to bring life to your space.

Your garden can take on the look of an exotic holiday destination with just the addition of a carved door, natural stepping stones or bubbling fountain. Other items suitable for tropical gardens include benches, sculptures and carvings, firepits, garden furniture and thatched huts.

Natural-looking timber such as recycled tallowwood can add an air of spaciousness to your garden, complementing tropical foliage beautifully. Pale timber decking is also a suitable option.

Tropical gardens require the appropriate furniture. Cane, timber, stone and concrete pieces all look beautiful with this theme; you can find all these items at any garden centre along with many others suitable for this type of garden.

You can paint your garden furniture to complement the colors of your plants. A tangerine orange or sunny yellow shade would look lovely on a hibiscus flower or canna. Or paint plain wooden flower boxes to match an intensely colored fern, tropical plant with decorative leaves in a warm color, etc.

Maintain the tropical-themed garden of yours by creating pathways in your yard that look like an island resort or jungle. Interplanting stone pavers, gravel or railway sleepers with miniature mondo grass, bark mulch or pebbles will give the path a very organic appearance.

A jungle wall is an excellent way to create the atmosphere of a tropical-style garden, especially in areas with some sun. You can plant this densely populated wall in the middle of your lawn or use it as an edging around a winding pathway for added adventure. Additionally, plant low-growing ferns or grasses along its edges for added realism.

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